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With my photography, videos and this blog, I try to raise awareness for the beauty and importance of our nature and the protection it needs. We only have this one earth. So let´s be gentle with it and live the most sustainable way possible for each one of us.

The longest journey starts with one step. Let us start walking and spreading love for our nature and the species we are sharing our planet with. Together we can make a change, I hope I can help with my photography and show how incredible this planet is!

You don´t have to travel far to experience the feelings nature can create in each one of us. Take a walk through a forest in your vicinity, visit the sea side if you live close or take a long walk through the mountains.

There are lots of ways – take one and you´ll see and feel the unexplainable magic all the living beings surrounding us are having on us! Let´s work together on a sustainable future where rhinos, sharks, rainforests, glaciers, polarbears, condors, orang utans and whales will still be existing – we owe it to the next generations!

It always seems impossible, until it is done. Nelson Mandela

And I am sure and deeply convinced that we can change for the better and see the diversity of our planet as a gift and treasure we have to take care of. It seems as if there are no more boundaries to possible exploitations – be it fracking, deep-see fishing or oil drilling in the arctic. We might lose precious ecosystems and they might be lost forever and severely affect life on our planet on the longterm.  It may seem like an impossible effort to stop this, but the more we are the bigger our impact

Now take a look at my photos, videos and blog posts to find some inspiration for your life!

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The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.
Mahatma Gandhi


Find Inspiration in nature´s beauty!

Mallorca, Spain

Dahab, Egypt




One of the most challenging duties of this time is to respect and preserve our nature. In the past decades and centuries much of our fauna and flora has been destroyed or even eliminated. It is especially on us younger people to obtain the world how it is today. Of course nobody is perfect, but be aware that change starts with you. People using the phrase “I can’t change the  world..  Blablabla..” should step away and leave the stage for people actually taking action and be it just planting one new tree or collecting a piece of rubbish in the forest. I think you get what I’m  saying. The more people working on that, the better. So don’t miss a chance to SPREAD THE WORD and encourage your friends and family to do the same! Of course, nowadays it is impossible to live here without leaving traces. All of us are guilty of destroying our planet. 
 Some more, others less. It´s about little things: if fish or meat is on your menu, know where it is coming from and cut back on its consumption for your own health, the environment and for the slaughtered animals. Think twice, if you REALLY need this plastic bag. Do you have to have a new cell phone every six months? Do you really have to buy (plastic)bottled water, if your tab water is fine to drink? You can continue this list forever and the people can answer these questions for themselves.Just never forget: CHANGE STARTS WITH YOU! Don´t wonder, why nobody is making a difference – be somebody and make it! We as consumers have the power to change the market. If we boycott products harvested, fished or farmed unsustainably the industry will be urged to change. We should support products, that are produced in accordance with nature.

Therefore it is important to know, what we are actually risking by destroying and polluting our earth. We have to learn to enjoy nature’s beauty – I hope I can help with my photos and this blog!


2 vor 12 - Kann man unsere Ozeane noch retten?

Dies ist eine Serie über den oft leider sehr schlechten Zustand unsere Ozeane. Es liegt an uns Menschen, dies zu ändern, denn wir sind auch diejenigen, die das Ökosystem an allen Ecken und Enden aus dem Gleichgewicht gebracht haben und bringen. Sicherlich gehört die Rettung der Meere zu den wichtigsten und dringlichsten Aufgaben, denen wir uns als Menschheit widmen müssen. Wenn das Meer stirbt, wird letztendlich auch der Mensch sterben. Die Uhr tickt – es ist nicht mehr 5 vor 12, sondern bereits 2 vor 12! Helf auch Du mit unsere Meere zu entlasten!



More about our planet. You can help to save it, too.

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