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ur planet is wonderful. Vast open landscapes, dense rain forests, dry mountain regions and muddy wetlands. Majestic whales, mysterious lemurs, colorful birds, intelligent dolphins. We have it all. To keep the diversity on our planet and leave nature room to flourish we have to protect some spaces. Much of our Flora and Fauna has fallen victim to the industrialization of Humankind and the ever spreading exploitation of natural resources. Overexploitation will lead to a collapse . In contrast to that we can start using nature´s resources in a sustainable way.

I believe that each and everyone has to power to make the world a little better. Living sustainably should be a top priority of each single one of us. Even if we do not feel the changing environment, the results our impact has on natural processes, there are billion other that DO feel it. Rising sea levels, depleted fish stocks, dead zones in the oceans, habitat degradation, poverty and slave working conditions in third world countries are all a product of humankind. People in developed countries have a strong responsibility to help wherever possible and it is very important to  know that our wallet is our weapon and our consumer behavior the ammunition. By making a choice, we actively help to make a change.

The longest journey starts with one step. And often it may seem as there is nothing one alone can do. But let never anyone discourage you and keep walking. Keep spreading love for our nature and the species we are sharing our planet with. Keep spreading information and keep fighting injustice. Together we can make a change and be it a small one or a big one.

We don´t have to travel far to experience the feelings nature can create in each one of us. Take a walk through a forest in your vicinity, visit the sea side if you live close or take a long walk through the mountains.

There are lots of ways – take one and I am sure you´ll see and feel the unexplainable magic all the living beings surrounding us are having on us! Everyone can help: plant a new tree, dispose trash properly, try and cut back on meat and fish if you do not rely on it to survive, collect rubbish if you see it, don´t torture animals, don´t buy products from destructive companies and and and. It´s not about being perfect, it´s about starting somewhere.

If we boycott products harvested, fished or farmed unsustainably the industry will be urged to change. We should support products, that are produced in accordance with nature. It seems as if there are no more boundaries to possible exploitation – be it fracking, deep-see fishing or oil drilling in the arctic. We will lose precious ecosystems and they might be lost forever and severely affect life on our planet on the long-term. It may seem like an impossible effort to stop this, but the more we are the bigger our impact! Let´s work together on a sustainable future where rhinos, sharks, rainforests, glaciers, polarbears, condors, orang utans and whales will still be existing – we owe it to the next generations!

CHANGE STARTS WITH YOU! Don´t wonder, why nobody is making a difference – be somebody and make it! We as consumers have the power to change the market.


It always seems impossible, until it is done. Nelson Mandela

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The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.
Mahatma Gandhi


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