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 | Our Planet Needs Help |


 Welcome to livingdreams.tv!

I am a 25 year old photographer, biologist, animal lover and conservationist. Through my photography I try to raise  awareness about environmental issues and to show the beauty and importance of our environment. We are just another species on this planet and we are sharing it with millions of others species, yet we are the only one deliberately eliminating species and destroying our own livelihood.  A Photo can be a very powerful tool to draw attention to the problems our earth is facing.

In late 2013 I gained my B.Sc in Biology and I am planning to specialize into tropical marine ecology. It is terrible, what´s going on in our oceans in terms of overfishing and pollution. I think we owe to our children and to future generations to at least TRY and conserve what we still have. I want my children to grow up in a world, where they will still be able to see majestic sharks underwater or huge rhinos in the African bush. If we don´t change, they won´t.

One of the most challenging duties of this time is to respect and preserve our nature. In the past decades and centuries much of our fauna and flora has been destroyed or even eliminated. It is especially on us younger people to obtain the world how it is today. Of course nobody is perfect, but be aware that change starts with you. People using the phrase “I can’t change the  world..  Blablabla..” should step away and leave the stage for people actually taking action and be it just planting one new tree or collecting a piece of rubbish in the forest. I think you get what I’m  saying.

The more people working on that, the better. So don’t miss a chance to SPREAD THE WORD and encourage your friends and family to do the same!

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Of course, nowadays it is impossible to live here without leaving traces. All of us are guilty of destroying our planet. Some more, others less. It´s about little things: if fish or meat is on your menu, know where it is coming from. Think twice, if you REALLY need this plastic bag. Do you have to have a new cell phone every six months? Do you really have to buy (plastic)bottled water, if your tab water is fine to drink? You can continue this list forever and the people can answer these questions for themselves.

Just never forget: CHANGE STARTS WITH YOU! Don´t wonder, why nobody is making a difference - be somebody and make it! We as consumers have the power to change the market. If we boycott products harvested, fished or farmed unsustainably the industry will be urged to change. We should support products, that are produced in accordance with nature.

DSC 0524 homeTherefore it is important to know, what we are actually risking by destroying and polluting our earth. We have to learn to enjoy nature’s beauty – I hope I can help with my photos!

Check out my blog, that I update several times a month! And of course, look at my photos- Í hope you´ll like them! Have a look at my youtube channel, where you´ll find a collection of documentaries and other interesting stuff – both in German and English!

Besides that you can follow me on facebook, instagram and twitter and see my photos on flickr and 500px.

You can also buy prints or T-Shirts in my shop to help keep my Photography going!

For any kind of inquiries please use the contact form!

1 love, Tom



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